Launching the Presidential History Network

Seal_Of_The_President_Of_The_United_States_Of_America.svgThe Presidential History Network serves the academic needs of scholars interested in the United States’ presidency, individual presidents, and corollary interests in the institutional, political or cultural history of the American polity.  From Washington to Obama the network is a means of disseminating research ideas and findings, developing fora for discussion and debate, supporting book launches, and facilitating other events like conferences and symposia.

We hope to launch it before the end of this calendar year. The American Presidency Centre at University College London’s Institute of the Americas will initially provide a hub for the network but we anticipate that the group will meet at occasional events in different venues. This web page will be the social media outlet for the network.

The prospective network will have an informal steering committee consisting of: Iwan Morgan (UCL); Mike Cullinane (Northumbria); John Dumbrell (Durham); and Mark White (Queen Mary, University of London).

At a minimum, we would expect to hold one (and ideally two) presidentially-themed one-day symposiums a year at which participants (not necessarily all of them members of the group) would give presentations. We anticipate that one will be held in the ‘North’ and the other the ‘South’ if there are two such meetings, and in alternating regions annually if there is only one.

The network will also act as a kind of expertise clearing house to provide the media with names of scholars able to comment on a particular president or the presidency at particular times.  Surprising as it may be, journalists are often looking for comment on past presidents – not just the present or most recent ones! There’s been a flow of requests about JFK of late because of the 50th anniversary, and next year is the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation. There are always commemorations coming up.

If you think you might be interested in joining the network, please fill out the contact form below and the steering committee will be in touch.


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