JFK, James Madison, and the Tea Party

Two recent articles on the History News Network investigate the historical presidency through the lens current events.  Iwan Morgan tackles the shutdown in historic terms by harking back to the Federalist Papers and the Madison/Hamiltonian belief that energetic branches of government form the bedrock of the constitution, but concludes that current impasse, stoked by a Tea Party-backed minority, is not federalists had in mind.  Morgan calls the shutdown “a Madisonian nightmare.”  (http://hnn.us/blog/153181)  Another interesting read is John T. Shaw’s article that examines the old joke that every Senator looks in the mirror and sees a president.  Using JFK’s ambitious 1960 campaign, this article looks at the ways today’s Senators might endeavour to reach the White House in 2016.  (http://hnn.us/article/153477)



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