Too Early to Think about 2016?

Every year department stores put Christmas decorations out earlier.  Mere days after celebrating New Year’s, the first Cadbury creme egg appeared in shops, four months before Easter.  So it should not be a surprise that political commentators are already talking about the 2016 presidential election and hopeful candidates.  This week Chris Christie fumbled with the bridgegate scandal, leading to speculation that it will sink his chances (see also Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen’s musical take).  Sarah Palin  left the door open for a run in an interview with political heavyweight and star of Saved by the Bell, Mario Lopez.  And former presidential candidate Bill Richardson told NBC’s Meet the Press that Democrats should not rule out John Kerry as a serious contender, especially after his successful year as Secretary of State.

Twitter Political Index

The political season is upon us already whether we like it or not, and Twitter will be playing a greater role in reporting and rehashing the election’s news.  In 2012 the social media giant introduced a political index, and since the election President Obama has replied to personal tweets about his economic policies.  Twitter’s growing popularity means that 2016 might be the “Twitter Election.”  To get ahead of the curve, the Presidential History Network has compiled the following list of the most influential digital journalists that use Twitter to debate presidential history and elections.

Digital Journalists

Alex Fitzpatrick (Time) – @AlexJamesFitz

Elise Foley (Huffington Post) – @elisefoley

Rosie Gray (BuzzFeed) – @rosiegray

Jared Keller (Al Jazeera) – @jaredbkeller

Alex Pappas (Daily Caller) – @alexpappasdc

Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight) – @fivethirtyeight

David Weigel (Slate) – @daveweigel


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