A New Ranking for Presidents: Humanity

Carter Habitat for Humanity

Al Carroll, Assistant Professor of History at Northern Virginia Community College, has published a short list of the least and most humane presidents in United States history.  Richard Nixon, for his role in the Vietnam War and overthrow of Salvador Allende, earned the top spot as most inhumane.  Scholars will find the ranking somewhat controversial, especially as Lincoln ranks at the top of the “humane” list despite having presided over the nation’s greatest wartime casualties, and Martin Van Buren comes second despite continuing his predecessor’s Indian removal policies.  Jimmy Carter helped popularize Habitat for Humanity and he peaks at #3, behind Van Buren!

Nevertheless, Carroll raises an interest point about presidential legacy: should humanity (or perhaps morality is a better term) play a more substantial role in our consideration of America’s top leaders.

Read the ranking for yourself: http://www.laprogressive.com/most-inhumane-presidents/



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