2016 PHN Conference on Legacy

The Presidential History Network announces its third annual event (26-27 May 2016) to be hosted at Northumbria University on the topic of presidential legacy.  The Presidential History Network serves the academic needs of scholars interested in the presidency, individual presidents, the state, and corollary interests in the institutional, political, or cultural history of the American polity.  Presidential studies, once considered “traditional political history” has been rehabilitated and the PHN aims to take advantage of the new era of political history.

With that aim in mind, the 2016 event (26-27 May) examines presidential “legacy” in a broad sense and we invite scholars to submit paper proposals (Call for Papers 2016 Conference) that investigate the presidential image in:

  • popular culture,
  • political rhetoric,
  • monuments and memorials,
  • and depictions produced outside the United States.

Proposals for individual papers or panels (up to 4 papers per panel) should include a 200-250-word abstract. E-mail submissions to michael.cullinane@northumbria.ac.uk. The deadline is October 16, 2015.

BrandsPHN and Northumbria University are proud to welcome Prof. H.W. Brands as the keynote speaker at this years event.  Prof. Brands has published several books on the presidency, including his latest on Ronald Reagan.

The symposium will also include a panel on presidential libraries devised to understand the way they shape public memory. Speakers will include staff and scholars from presidential libraries.

Finally, the event will discuss the future of the Presidential History Network and how we can build on the success of the past few years. All welcome!


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