Ahead of Super Tuesday

Tomorrow many Americans will take to the polls to vote for their favorite Democrat or Republican.  Hillary and the Donald, as polls predict, are poised to win the lion’s share of delegates.  It has been an entertaining and enlightening campaign that has seen the establishment challenged.  Members of the PHN have been writing regularly on the election and here are a few articles from friends and colleagues:

Randall Stephens in Salon: “Ted Cruz: Human Dog Whistle

Inderjeet Parmar in The Conversation: “Iowa caucus: scholars around the globe react

Mark McLay in The Conversation: “Why Hillary Clinton is the Real Heir to Bush Senior

If you have published an opinion piece recently, please let us know and we can post it on the website.


One response to “Ahead of Super Tuesday

  1. Comment via Stratfor.com

    FEEDBACK: America’s Special Relationship Changes
    deden (https://www.stratfor.com/user/10548) sent a message using the contact form at https://www.stratfor.com/contact.
    If a weak and vacillating Presidency inclined to appeasement continues under Obama’s successor, the increasing political, economic and demographic crisis in the European Union will be even more damaging to American and broader Western interests. Inside the EU, British influence is severely limited. Outside, and soon to have two new aircraft carriers, a Britain independent of EU regulation and Eurozone politics will be immeasurably more effective and available as active support for a more responsible US foreign policy. The alternative is continuing Western (and American?) geopolitical decline.
    Douglas Eden
    Fellow, University College London Institute of the Americas
    Senior Atlantic Fellow, Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom

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