Presidents and Premiers

In collaboration with the Presidential History Network, Newcastle University and Northumbria University present a conference on U.S. Presidents and UK Prime Ministers from Salisbury and McKinley to Cameron and Obama.

MAY 26-27 2017 @ Newcastle University

The key themes covered at this event include the personal dimension to the political and strategic alliance of the US and the UK in this period, frequently referred to as “the special relationship.”  Though the relationships have often been considered in individual biographies, and sometimes as relationships, and though US-UK relations have frequently been assessed, there has been no comparative analysis of the working and personal relations of the two heads of government. While it considers the most prominent ones, it also explores those whose significance has not been matched by visibility.

We have gathered a group of the UK’s top scholars, including:

  • Kathy Burk (keynote)
  • Charlie Laderman on William McKinley and Lord Salisbury
  • Michael Patrick Cullinane on Theodore Roosevelt and Arthur Balfour
  • Gaynor Johnson on Woodrow Wilson and David Lloyd George
  • Warren Docktor on Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill
  • Clive Webb on Harry Truman and Clement Attlee
  • Sylvia Ellis on Lyndon Johnson and Harold Wilson
  • James Cooper on Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher
  • James Ellison on George Bush and Tony Blair
  • Martin Farr on Barack Obama and David Cameron

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