“Trump of Doom” or Second Coming?

trump-NYer.jpgAmong Barry Blitt’s colorful cartoons of Donald Trump, his 2015 “Trump of Doom” New Yorker cover showing a pool of fleeing Republicans making way for the Trump cannonball is remarkably prescient. Trump’s election has not only transformed the White House, it has changed the way Washington does business. The media is public enemy number one (Fox News somewhat excluded). International diplomacy is dispensed with as Trump picks fights with China and Mexico. And the procedures and customs of Congress are under fire from a new class of politician who wants to see progress immediately.

Academics are watching the world change before their eyes, and organizing a number of events that offer unique analysis on Trump’s first 100 days.

SOAS’s Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy will welcome Dr Moeed Yusuf Associate Vice President of the Asia Center and U.S. Institute for Peace for a lecture entitled “The Future of South Asian Security: The Trump Effect.” (February 2, 2017)

The Presidential History Network is planning to launch the results of the second UK Survey of US Presidents in March. Although Donald Trump was not included in the ranking, PHN members and watchers will be interested in how Obama and his 42 predecessors fared. (March)

Reading University’s Interdisciplinary Research Network for the Study of Political History and Politics in the Americas will be hosting a conference on President Trump’s First 100 Days (May 2, 2017)

In Dublin, UCD’s Clinton Institute for American Studies will welcome the public to learn more about Trump’s America (May 5-6, 2017) Call for papers available here..


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