Trumped Up Reagan-omics


All the polls suggest Hillary Clinton is going to run away with Election 2016. It seems (and this should probably not come as a surprise) that Trump cannot compete on some key policy debates such as national security, and most of all economics. That fact has not stopped the rhetorical diarrhea of Trump. He promises an overnight defeat of ISIS, for example, and as PHN co-founder Professor Iwan Morgan points out in a recent piece for the History News Network (HNN), Trump has guaranteed a tax reform revolution akin to Reagan’s in the 1980s.

Trump is hardly the first to invoke Reagan. Obama did it in 2010, and Hillary has done so in her 2016 campaign. Reagan’s legacy looms nearly as large Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, and in anticipation of Prof Morgan’s new biography of Ronald Reagan out this October, here is the link to the HNN article:


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